Artist No. 4: Liv/ Tom & Liv — Taking a tour of my music collection

I first discovered Liv’s music when we were both winners in Ally Rhodes’ Cover Contest for her album ‘Conversations With A Ghost’. Even before the winners were announced, I’d listened to her entry (above) and knew that it was something special. When Ally pointed out that she had some free music on Bandcamp I went straight off to take a listen (who am I to say no to some free downloads?) so I ended up downloading her ‘Sway Me To Sleep‘ EP, and through that Tom & Liv’s ‘Reveries‘. Since then, I’ve also downloaded their ‘Awake in the Night‘ EP. Seriously, I have never heard anything so beautiful in my life. From the first listen I was hooked, even to the point where when I had a meagre 256MB of space on my (very old) music player to take with me to India, I ensured that every single one of their songs that I owned featured on it. That ended up being eleven out of forty-nine songs: almost a quarter. Other artists had to cope with a couple of songs each, a few more if they were lucky, just so that I could squeeze them all in! (And I’m telling you, there was not one moment on that trip when I regretted that decision, and bear in mind I was stuck with these same forty-nine songs for a whole month…)

So, about their music (feel free to listen while you read ^^ )… well, Ally described Liv’s contest entry as ‘floating in a heavenly cloud of harmonies’ and I’m certainly not going to disagree, but this description can be used far more widely than just that one video; it pretty much applies to anything she has a part in! I’d say that this is a major contributor to the calm and relaxing feel which is always present in the music that her and Tom create, as well as the soft and gentle ambience their songs exhibit.

Their songwriting is also remarkable. Each and every song is a piece of art in itself, flawlessly crafted both lyrically and melodically. I like the fact that the meanings of the songs are not necessarily immediately obvious, perhaps quite abstract in a way, and it just adds to your enjoyment because throughout each listen you discover more twists or interpretations of the lyrics that you hadn’t considered before.

My personal favourite track, if I had to choose just one, would be ‘I’m Your Company’ from Tom & Liv’s ‘Reveries’ EP. The instrumentation in this one is simply divine as well as being it’s a perfect eat-your-heart-out harmony filled track, and who can argue with that? I also love the mix of the male and female voices, I always think it adds another dimension when there’s more than one voice featuring.

Now this is where I’m very grateful for Ally Rhodes’ competitions, and ones like it, because with relatively few subscribers as far as YouTube music is concerned, it is quite fathomable that I would never have discovered Liv otherwise, and I think that is one of the great things about YouTube. I’m also very excited that we are working on a collaboration at the moment; I’m honoured to have her voice grace my channel!

So basically, what I’m trying to tell you, is that you should go download her music, watch her YouTube videos and just generally stalk her online presence (aka like/follow her on Facebook and Soundcloud). Also, do the same for their collaborated music, on Bandcamp and Facebook.

Finally, here are a few more videos in case by some miracle you haven’t already been convinced. (And because I just couldn’t decide which ones to feature…)