Behind ‘Made in Heaven’

I thought I’d give a little insight on the meanings behind my songs. Some have a basis in personal experiences, but most are just from the imaginations of my mind… (note: this was written shortly after the album was released, don’t ask me why I left it so long to publish!)

The Game

Umm, this is not a great start, but I honestly have no clue as to what this one is about! I just played around with the chords and sang the words that came out. I suppose, what it evolved into was a song about not living in denial and accepting what’s happening in the present rather than living in the past.

Obvious (Better Off Now)

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory really. It was originally about someone who quite obviously wants to be with another person but won’t admit it, although the ‘better off now’ idea evolved it into a song more about two people who used to be together and now, one of them won’t let go, even though it ended for the best.

This Way

This was one my early songs, pretty self-explanatory really… it’s about someone who is wondering why the person they love has left them.


The inspiration for this one came when my alarm clock stopped at 11:49 and it started me thinking about a scenario in which someone is effectively stuck at a time in the past when a particularly life changing event happened, perhaps with or to a person who was important to them. They’ve realised that they need to move on, but that they can still ‘honour the memory’; moving on doesn’t mean forgetting.


This one was written as an encouragement to any girl who feels worthless or struggles with self-image. I definitely think it’s a sad thing that so many people think they have to look a certain way to be beautiful when it’s just not true.

The devil will use it to get to you but you gotta be strong, don’t let him through, ‘cause you’re strong girl, you’re stronger”.

Deep End

The very start of this song came to me on the way back from a school trip when we’d gone to hear poetry read for our English GCSE (no laughing please…) If I remember correctly, I felt inspired to write some poetry and something like the first verse of Deep End came out of it. Sometime later, I was traveling back from school and listening to a new CD I’d got and thinking how nice it was just to be able to listen to the music and not have to worry about anything else (I think there was some work I was particularly stressed about at school). Hence, the rest of the song was born.

P.S. That CD was Illuminated by Ally Rhodes, and I cannot recommend her music enough. Get it here (at time of posting she’s having a HUGE sale and you can get her physical albums for just $3.50- DO IT!):

Come in Time

This song is about someone who’s going through a rough time, and it’s just saying don’t worry about what you can’t change. Live in hope with the knowledge that things will get better and you’ll find your place in the world without having to change who you are.

Made In Heaven

This one is along the same lines as ‘mirror’ really; no one should doubt who they are because they were made with a set design and purpose in mind by a God who cares. Everyone was made for good things and the times when we go the wrong way aren’t the end of the road; we can turn back and rediscover that.

Open Door

I actually wrote this one at a songwriting workshop, and originally didn’t really like it very much, but recording the album version has made me appreciate it much more! I’d recently read a book in which everyone could hear people’s thoughts and I was wondering what it would be like if life were actually like that; all the secrets that would be revealed, the inability to be alone with private thoughts living with a constant invasion of privacy. The series of books I was reading is called the ‘Chaos Walking’ series and the first one is called ‘The Knife of Never Letting Go’ by Patrick Ness. (Highly recommended by the way!)

Alive with the Fire

This one is about someone who used to be so carefree who allowed bad decisions to lead their life to somewhere it shouldn’t be. The song focuses around them making a full recovery to their real self and leaving behind those things which were controlling their life and stopping the smiles.

Free Society

So this is probably one of the most political songs I’ve written! It kinda got to me that everyone’s always going on about equality, yet as a product of this, the equality of some people seems to be more important than that of others. People don’t seem to be allowed opinions, and are even in some cases discriminated against, if they appear to have an alternative belief that contradicts what society wants. Equality does not mean everything has to be exactly the same, equality means treating everyone with the same respect and assigning everyone an equal worth. To my mind, it seems that we’ve lost focus on this ultimate end goal, and instead focused on little matters that just confuse matters and limit peoples’ freedoms.



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